Bigger than a megalodon? Marine creatures much bigger than whales survive!


I love sharks. It’s also a kind of shark that’s huge enough to harm humans, and it’s a kind of ferocious kind of shark that is thrilling (although I don’t want to encounter it. )

I’m sure that fear stimulates the survival instinct that lies deep inside humans, and it feels good. I don’t want to encounter real giant creatures, but I love watching videos and images. So, I collected them for those who have the same taste.

Other than the great white shark, it is an organism that has not been confirmed to survive, but it is not a UMA with dubious authenticity, but a giant creature with a high probability of survival, with frequent sightings from all over the world.



Great white shark 6~11m

【全長6m】伝説のホオジロザメ「ディープブルー」の謎 / 追跡!深海のホホジロザメ3 (ディスカバリーチャンネル)

The sight of it swimming peacefully with a huge body makes the viewer ecstatic. And the dynamic jump from the surface of the sea that you show when you capture your prey is impressive.

Megalodon 15~19m

Megalodon is a giant shark that lived in the Tertiary Age of the Cenozoic era about 3.6 million years ago, and has become famous at once because it has recently been made into a movie. In Japan, it was called the Mukashi Great White Shark.

Megalodon Bites The Glass – The Meg (2018) Movie Clip HD

Many fossils of megalodon teeth have been found before. The size is more than 15 cm (the great white shark is about 5 cm) Unfortunately, no fossils of the entire skeleton have been found. Since sharks are cartilaginous organisms, it seems that megalodons do not remain as fossils.

Megalodon teeth that are usually found are all fossils, but in rare cases, brand new teeth are found. Isn’t it creepy ~


Parahelicoprion 27m or more

And please see the video below. It is a fossil tooth with a length of 25 cm per tooth, and since the tip is missing, it is said that it will be more than 30 cm if it is complete. Much bigger than Megalodon, isn’t it?


The owner of this tooth is an ancient shark named Parahelicoprion that lived in the Permian period about 299 million years ago. The most distinctive feature is the shape of the teeth like an electric circular saw that is wrapped in a curl.

Ancient sharks don’t grow teeth like modern sharks, but as they grow, their old teeth get involved. Whether it was useful for anything is a mystery.

And since parahelicoprion is also a cartilaginous shark, no fossils of its body have been found. Therefore, the size of the body can only be imagined from the size of the teeth, but unless it is an unusually large creature with only a mouth, it is thought to be much larger than a megalodon.


Unfortunately, there are no sightings, but if megalodon lives, this shark is also … It was my personal “romance of the sea” .

Bloop・・77~225m or more

In 1997, in the Pacific Ocean, an American marine research agency accidentally caught a strange sound with an underwater microphone and the creatures that emitted it are called Bloops.

Since then, this sound has been confirmed all over the world. According to experts, this sound does not come from volcanic or seismic activity, but is most likely a sound made by living organisms. This Bloop sound is quite powerful and can be caught even at a distance of 5000m.


Comparing the blue whale’s call data and simulating its body size, it seems that its size is more than 100 meters. Too huge!

OMG! FOUND BLOOP in Real Life on Google Earth!

The vast ocean still has many unknowns, and it is said that less than 5% of the areas that humans have been able to explore. Somewhere in that vast area, somewhere in the deep sea, there must be an exciting super-giant creature lurking…

Sea Monsters Size Comparison. The Largest Sea Animals, Living and Prehistoric

Thank you for watching until the end.



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